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Café Business Plan and Competitor Analysis

There is considerable growth of population in baker street area as residential improvement continues and other commercial transformations begin Westminster City Council 2017 Also the area attracts a high socio-economic demography along with high occupation and higher than average per capita income The Londinium café will be targeting Baker Street commuters and visitors tourists of the nearby famous attractions who have medium to high-income level and within the age group of 25 45 These customers have the desire to purchase high quality of products and services at competitive prices The Café will be serving huge range of age groups so it will be much diligent in framing its marketing strategies and services Hopps 2008 The cafe will also keep in mind the income of its customers while framing its pricing strategies 5 COMPETITOR ANALYSIS The Londinium Café s direct competitors will be the sole cafeterias serving authentic British food and snacks such as R H Café Gallery Kennington Lane Café and Coffee Cake and Kisses Its indirect competitors include donut shops bakeries or sandwich shops which compete for similar general food and beverage products such as Dorset Café

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