Essay Example on To Kill a Mockingbird is about a young girl who is raised in a small Racist









To Kill a Mockingbird is about a young girl who is raised in a small racist town that is low classed She is used to listening to people from how others say they are but after a mysterious thing happened to Scout and her older brother Jem she is know longer sure what to think about people or her little town Just like with Boo Radley everyone is putting him as a bad character but later on Scout and Jem are know longer sure if what the townspeople say is actually true or not In Harper Lee's novel to Kill a Mockingbird Boo Radley Atticus Finch and Mrs Dubose are stereotyped by others to teach Scout the reader that there are many different kinds of people in this world and that you shouldn't just believe what someone said about someone or something because it may not even be true at all The story behind Boo Radley is that he is a old mysterious man who never comes out of his house during the day and when he actually does come out of his house it's very dark at night and the only thing that he eats is raw animal that he finds outside in the night People also have said that he stands outside of people s windows while they are asleep When you go deeper into the chapter s of the book you will realize that Scout and Jem start to really question thing s about Boo Radley They start to wander by his house which is down the street from there’s 

There is a big old oak tree in front of Boo s house with a hole in it Jem s friend s dared him that he wouldn't touch the front door of Boo s house When he did nothing happened but Scout thought that she saw something or someone move from the inside of the house but it was too dark in the house to see anything clearly Later on when Scout and Jem come back to Boo s house Scout goes and looks inside of the hole in the tree and she noticed that something is in the hole of the tree It was two soup carvings that were carved to look like children which looked just like Scout and Jem and also inside of the hole was a full pack of bubble gum a ball of twine and a pocket watch As Scout and Jem stood confused on how those even got there they didn’t know what to think about Boo Radley From all the townspeople talking about him like he is a monster in a fairy tale Scout and Jem don t understand why he would leave them those things especially the pocket watch because they thought it could be worth a lot of money As the children went on with there day s another character that was being stereotyped was a racist old woman named Mrs Dubose Nobody seemed to like her Later on in about chapter 11 you find out that Mrs Dubose had an addiction to her pills One day Jem chopped off the roses of her bushes and Atticus new that she was going to die from her pills so he made Jem go to her home and read to her Mrs Dubose didn't want to die being addicted to her pills so she tried not to be Jem didn’t understand why Atticus was being kind to her and making him read to her because of how racist and rude she was to everyone

All she wanted and told herself was that I will not die being addicted to these things Speaking of Atticus he was another character that was being stereotyped because throughout the book you might notice that Atticus stands up for people that others don't exactly understand why he does that The first one is how the children in there town like girls should be dressed nicely and be very lady like and Scout his daughter wears overalls has all guy friends plays rough with Jem and her friends and he is ok with all of that Also when Mrs Dubose was dying and he made Jem read to her he didn't understand why his father was making him do that because know one else liked her He doesn't see how just everyone else sees people He sees the real reason why they are the way they are or the truth behind the lies and rumors the others say about them And like he said there's a lot of ugly things in this world son I wish I could keep em all away from you That's never possible So as you can see many characters were getting stereotyped in the first part of the book and as we read more into it the same thing is happening again and again But it is still an important part to do so because it helps you understand the character s alot better

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