Essay Example on To Kill A Mockingbird is seen from the view of the young Girl









Scout and how she saw the things that happened in her eyes She talks about a black man Tom Robinson who has been accused of raping a white woman and the lawyer Atticus Finch has decided to take on Tom s case to try prove his innocence The book is set during a time when racism and black slavery in America was rife This is a fundamental theme within the book and is very important in regards to the political context Throughout the book racism is a continuous theme as during the time of when the book was based around black people were seen as outcasts and indifferent to the white people Black people were seen as a sort of drain on society and the white people thought they were only worthy of being slaves as they were not worthy of doing anything else as they were lower class people This is reflected in the book as the people who asked Atticus Finch to represent them but couldn t afford to pay for his services with money they would give Atticus with payments such as items grown from their crops Within the book Scout talks about how certain people in the town are different one individual who seems to be mentioned frequently is Boo Radley he is described as a strange character who should have been sent to an asylum and even though he stabbed his father in the leg with a pair of scissors he wasn t allowing any member of the 

Radley family be sent to an asylum Boo Radley was a victim of prejudice as the children would say he was insane and would often try to get as close to the Radley s porch as they could to see if they could get Boo to come out As the book progresses Scout and her brother Jem see a different side to Boo especially when he saves them both from an attacker and ensures they are not only safe but takes them both back to their house Harper Lee has written the book To Kill A Mockingbird so the reader can see it from the view of the child Scout by writing the book this way when the reader is reading the story they can imagine what it was like for Scout and her family during this time when racism was rife Whilst reading the story the reader can use their imagination and pretend they are Scout and that they are telling the story Harper Lee like many authors uses symbolism in her novel For example in the book To Kill A Mockingbird Harper Lee describes the town of Maycomb as an old but tired town this indicates that although the town has been around for a number of years and they have adapted to living there as best they can it could do with some updating In the book Scout Jem and Dill lose their innocent childhood when they realise that the adult world is a cruel and unjust place when they sneak into the courtroom during the trial of Tom Robinson 

You know the people of Maycomb have adapted as she describes how the ladies of the town bathe twice a day this indicates that they feel like they need to have their skin feeling soft and smooth due to all the dust in the air they may also want to bathe frequently as they want people to ensure they know that they are white women and not black as they don't want the white people to alienate them like they do with the black people In the disagreement with Jem they went right back to the first Finch's who arrived in the county this gives us a sense of history in the book and immediately that family and the history of family of belonging are important The story of To Kill A Mockingbird is based upon Harper Lee's life and she has based the character s upon herself and members of her own family In this sense the novel has a strong historical context Harper Lee has written the story in different stages these are Exposition Exposition is where Harper has written the introduction of the story and how the story begins Harper Lee introduces the story with Scout talking about her brother Jem and how he broke his elbow badly She starts the story as though she wants the reader to be able to get to know her brother as she spends a lot of time with him and possibly looks up to him With the beginning of the story Lee starts with the ending and takes the reader back to how it all happened she does this to get the reader gripped and wanting to see how things progress 

Rising action The rising action is something that is happening leading up to the climax of the story The rising action runs parallel with the plots of Boo Radley and Tom Robinson Climax The climax of the book is where the biggest part of the story is In To Kill A Mockingbird the climax of the story is when Scout and Jem get attacked and Boo Radley comes out of the shadows and stops the attacker Boo then ensures both the children get back home safely by personally taking them home as Scout was asked what happened and she tries to remember due to Jem been hurt she notices a shadow behind the bedroom door and realises that it is Boo Radley Resolution The resolution of the book is where all problems are resolved and go back to normal After Boo Radley rescues the children he gets the praise from Atticus he deserves and by Boo doing what he did Scout starts to get to know him and realises that he s not as bad as what people have made him out to be in the past

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