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Dear client Today's contemporary interiors are comfortable and welcoming This style works well in homes stores and lofts Blacks whites and neutrals are used in contemporary style interiors Contemporary styles are kept sleek and very clean cut Pale hardwoods low pile carpeting and concrete flooring are the best in a contemporary space The fabrics are bright funky and very geometric Accessories can be things such as colorful throw pillows mirrors wall decor clocks and ect Contemporary has been modified and influenced by many people such as frank lloyd wright Contemporary s important element is line Frank lloyd wright applied that alot to his structures The use of high ceilings bare windows and geometric shapes in things such as sculptures Air ducts will hang from a ceiling broken bricks may provide texture and exposed plumbing pipes are shown a lot in contemporary for decoration In contemporary design there are two main colors black and white Then some are neutrals such as ivory gray beige and shades of white that appear without color Many can have these hues that often have undertones Like say if beige could have an undertone of pink tan and gold The color that is chosen should suit the space well and make others feel welcomed Moving onto flooring which is just as important as color would impact the space Woods that are used in contemporary as woods such as 

White oak jarah purpleheart black walnut red oak and birch When using carpet for warmth choose commercial grades Add texture and color with geometric patterned or plain area rugs Many contemporary homes their lighting is often feature softened and rounded lines neutral elements Lighting is very sleek clean and fresh Contemporary focus on line and shape Pendant lighting is the best for a kitchen because it lights the space up nicely are n a bathroom a chandelier is an unexpected setting as an example above the tub The best kind of lighting for a bedroom is a lighting fixture with a strong emphasis on shape The lighting feature spherical rings with bold visual appeal When walking into a contemporary dining room a chandelier with clean lines and graphic details is my favorite type of lighting to use Finishes In contemporary metal opaque stone or clear glass work well Furniture pieces make a bold statement and are simple and neat without curves and decoration Smooth cut clean geometric shapes are essential Upholstered furniture comes in colors such as black white or other neutral tones in textured natural fibers found in cotton linen silk jute to add textural flow Pillows add texture clean lines and colors Couches loveseats and chairs have exposed legs With contemporary design going basic bare bold and structural is the way to go There are many types of contemporary furniture to choose from LaFrank Lloyd Wright was an American architect interior designer writer and educator He designed over 1 000 structures and built about 532 structures He founded his architectural practice in oak park a village on the western edges of chicago He presented a bold new approach to domestic architecture the prairie style The prairie style houses were designed to blend in with the flat prairie landscape 

The typical house plan was to be sweeping horizontal lines and wide open floor plans He also established Textile Style combined it with the influences from Mayan architecture He was best known for organic material with lead it s way to The Usonian style which just kept evolving He also formed a bond with Paul Mueller who later helped Wright build several of his public and commercial buildings between 1903 1923 Wright married his first wife in 1889 Sullivan granted Wright a 5 year employment contract and gave him a 5 000 loan for Wright to build a house The Gothic Revival House that was built was given to his mother and a Shingle style house was built for Wright and his wife In 1890 on the 17th floor of the Auditorium Building Wright got a private next to Sullivan s Wright became a draftsman and he handled all the residential design work Wright was ter in 1898 Wright relocated his practice to his home Then in 1901 Wright had 50mprogects complete In one year Wright finished 4 houses which were considered Prairie style Wright s residentials designs were known as prairie houses because of the design complement the land in Chicago Wright had significant works later on that lasted from 1942 to 1959 Wright established the Textile style he combined it with influences from Mayan architecture He was best known for his organic architect which leads its way towards usonian style then just kept evolving and evolving Contemporary is my favorite style in design due to its clean straight lines If a modern clean cut sleek look is your thing then considering contemporary style would be good idea Contemporary is very up to date and favoured by many people Fresh colors such as whites blacks and neutrals are used lightings with clean cut lines such as some chandeliers are favored in contemporary design Floors in a contemporary style home are smooth and bare in tile wood and vinyl

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