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Topic evaluating the environmental impact assessment of MMG gold in Kokoyah Bong County 1 1 Background of the Study 1 2 Statement of the Problem 1 3 Research Questions 1 4 Delimitation 1 5 Limitation of the Study 1 6 Significance of the Study 1 7 Definition of key terms 1 8 Organization of the Study Problems The generation of air pollutants dust and other suspended chemical particles by the company there are unobserved protection activities for the ecologically sensitive area adjacent for the conservation of Mona monkeys Additionally there exist a suspicion about the continuous ground and surface water pollution due to inadequate management and usage of chemicals The inhabitants of surrounding towns seem to be faced with health hazard due to noise earth vibration and water pollution General Objective The researcher intends to identify the environmental impacts on the surround towns and ecosystems in the Gold mining areas of MMG Gold in Dean s Town Kokoyah District Bong County The Specific Objectives 1 Find out whether the company generates air pollutants 2 Identify the protective plan and or activities of the company in conserving ecologically sensitive area and species 3 Find out whether there is or has been ground and or surface water pollution from the company operation 4 Identify number of inhabitants faced with health hazard from the company operation Research questions 1 

Is MMG gold involve with any of these activities below A road building work b transporting of mineral ore to processing site c using haul roads for constant transport d use of heavy equipment to extract and transport mineral ore e dust are generated from the workplace during the mining process Yes No Maybe If yes how many are they involve with 2 Which of the below measures are you aware of MMG Gold putting in place as to avoid disturbances of environmental sensitive areas and the lost of cultural heritage site A locates machinery and dust generating activities away from cultural and environmental sensitive regions B the company respects the value of these sites and avoids such places with their operation C company goes after mineral regardless of its location D company pay the value for site and relocation is done E other please explain 3 Has the MMG gold operation or activities at anytime cause pollution to your ground and surface water Yes No Maybe If yes how often have your ground and surface water been polluted Had the pollution at anytime cause any serious injury or damage to the environment and the inhabitants of the area Yes No Maybe 4 What health hazard has the company generated or cause the community so far You are not limited to an option a Poor air quality b Noise pollution from machines and blasting c Chemical spill d Pollution of surface water bodies e Contamination of groundwater f crack structures g pile of waste dump close to town h improper storage of tailings i others 

5 Have you been affected by any health hazard cause by the company operations a Directly b indirectly c not at all Significance of the study This research result will be used to inform the community stakeholders including local and national government decision concerning the environmental health and protections and as a check in holding project proponents responsible whatever injury or death their company will cause to the environment Result will serve as direct information for other researchers wishing to also investigate environmental issues relating to MMG Gold operations in Kokoyah Most importantly it will give the inhabitants a clearer understanding of the environmental issues surrounding the company's operations and how they as community dwellers can engage and find solution to their environmental problems Limitations of the study This study has certain limitations originating from the ground situations including political will and lack of baseline data Lack of political will this is a situation in the research area where the mining company feels is especially open to providing information to the high political class representative senate and the executive branch of the 

Liberian government when it comes to research student and inhabitants seeking sensitive information and critical issues concerning the environment health and operations of the company is difficult especially when the company has caused an injury on the environment leading the community dwellers to serious health hazard Lack of baseline data MMG Gold took over from the American Liberia Mining Company Amlib Liberia 2014 Before and after that time there had not been a baseline survey available on the internet not even the Environmental Impact Assessment report EIA Amlib Liberia operated under a regime that experience a long political instability that have cause lose of other information inaccessible and citizens were not in the know of their operation until MMG Gold took over Not many researches have been conducted and published giving access to the public to get baseline data on mining activities and mining company Delimitation of the study This study was not a complete work for graduation there by having a less volume and was done within three months The research was focus on David Dean Town the host town of MMG Gold The researcher collected and analyzed data from the field through questionnaires administered to respondents Organizations of the study This study was organized into five chapters In its organizations Chapter one discusses the introduction and background of the research statements of the problem significance of the study research objectives limitation and delimitation key terms definitions and organization of the study Chapter two presents literature review Chapter three deals with the research methodology that the problem investigating It focuses the research design setting and population of the study sampling and sampling techniques data collection instrument data collection procedure variables measured and data organization and analysis Chapter four deals with the research findings and interpretations of specific research findings Chapter five contains the summary conclusion recommendations and references

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