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Urges that it is essential to place the protection of human Rights

Urges that it is essential to place the protection of human rights as the key priority taken to prevent and end trafficking Encourages the need to protect assist and provide access to recovery for victims of sexual trafficking Emphasizes concern to the high number of people especially women and children in particular from developing countries who are being trafficked to developed countries as well as between regions and States The increasing activities of transnational and national organized crime and others who profit from trafficking in persons especially women and children without regard for dangerous and inhumane conditions and in flagrant violation of domestic laws and international law and contrary to international standards The use of new information technologies including the Internet for the purposes of exploitation of the prostitution of others and other forms of sexual exploitation for trafficking in women as brides and for sex tourism child pornography pedophilia and any other forms of sexual exploitation of children Urges Governments 

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Statement of Purpose Throughout my schooling in St Paul's High School

Is with sense of indulgence that I pen down my brief statement of purpose Striving for excellence and improvement has been my motto in all phases of life and the same applies even to my professional and academic career I have always felt that education in itself is the most rewarding pursuit a value infused by my mother who was herself a home tutor for many years Hence I look forward to further increase my experience and skills in Information Technology and allied fields and for this a M S program will be an ideal step Throughout my schooling in St Paul s High School I had been a proactive participant with high spirit of competitiveness and productivity be it in academics sports extracurricular activities I was also elected as the Class Prefect for multiple terms At my high school graduation ceremony I was awarded with a gold medal for scoring 94 5 in matriculation Continuing my passion towards aptitude in mathematics with the right application of logics great performance in physics and chemistry and adequate analytical thinking which I have acquired during my schooling and intermediate at Narayana Junior College secured me a place in KMIT Keshav Memorial Institute of Technology for my engineering It was about time when the next stage of my life unfolded

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