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Transform Yourself in 2018 with these NLP Techniques It s 2018 Setting aside how much the phrase New year new me makes you groan internally the new year is as good a time as any reinvent yourself And no promising to start exercising this year does not count towards creating You v 2 But making small adjustments in particular the adjustments mentioned below just might help turn you into the person you always wanted to be For 2018 the trick you might want to try to transform yourself is neuro linguistic programming NLP and don t you roll your eyes just yet Neuro linguistic programming involves programming by way of establishing proper communication to the brain NLP therapy usually aims to cure self esteem issues anxiety and bad habits But if you re not sold on the idea of shelling out cash here's how you can make basic NLP techniques work for you 1

Put things into perspective using pictures And by that I mean mental pictures Imagining a memory and recalling how that memory made you feel is a big factor in NLP But to take it a step up the notch don't just imagine the picture Play around with it like your brain has its own personal Photoshop installed Make it bigger and brighter maybe zoom in on a beloved s smile in response to something you said Or make it small cut the memory down and dim the colors Do your feelings intensify and do they dim If you ended 2017 but can't seem to remember the good things that happened to you last year try this Have your happy memories shine bright and great in your mind until it embeds You ll see you ll end 2018 feeling a lot more fulfilled than you would have if your mind defaulted and focused on the bad memories instead 2 End your slump by anchoring yourself This requires some more imagination and picturing And if you re the type that is prone to random bouts of sadness and wild mood swings this might be the trick for you Anchoring is a mix of mental pictures and conditioning The idea is to associate a positive emotion with a gesture phrase or simple trigger

To do this you first need to get into that positive state you want like calmness by recalling a memory where you felt that emotion strongly Then intensify your emotion by making that memory bigger in your mind and choose an anchor Your anchor could be pressing the middle of your left hand or tapping a finger on a knuckle You ll need to repeat this process every day until it sticks and you feel the positive emotion whenever you do the gesture Do this in preparation for when your mood swing takes you to irritability and avoid conflict with your loved ones this year 3 Erase your self doubt by erasing the credibility of your critic Opportunities are everywhere You can apply for that scholarship dream job or contest that you want by just clicking and typing on a computer So why didn't you If you had missed opportunities and regrets for 2017 it might be time to do something about your self doubt In the first place that voice in your head isn't even part of the panel that decides whether you make the cut Why keep listening to it NLP suggests that a way to overrule your self doubt is to undermine it Before that harsh condescending inner critic of yours can even stutter a word change it

Make it silly Have your critic talk like a baby if that's what it takes If your inner critic doesn t sound the least bit credible then why should you trust its wisdom Changing your inner voice actually making it supportive if you can can work wonders towards achieving inner harmony 4 Lessen the intensity of your reaction by lessening your presence NLP believes that most of our negative emotions come from knee jerk reactions to certain things Remember the times when you got ridiculously angry at your partner for always forgetting to wash the dishes Well NLP offers disassociation as a solution To begin with disassociation you first need to know the emotion you want to get rid of Afterwards you imagine the scene in this case you coming home to find the dirty dishes you fuming and the ensuing fight with your partner from the perspective of an observer You replay this scene fast forward it have it play backward and maybe add in that silly old timey background music like they do in shows And you repeat this a couple of times When you re done with the exercise your feelings will have changed or reduced Maybe in the process you realize that you re letting your emotions run rampant Making use of this method a few times this year could spare you from some unnecessary stress and visible signs of aging Even if you don t commit to NLP these are still great practices that will help you step back and reevaluate your situation and emotions And they can help in creating A More Emotionally Stable You for 2018

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