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Trends In HR Management Analysis Human Resource Management Analysis Before we start with the analysis of human resource management for over the last ten years we must first of all know what the human resource management stands for and its responsibilities and contributions to an organization Human resource management according to the Framework of Human Resources it refers human resource management as the practices and policies you need to carry out the personnel aspects of your management job specifically acquiring training appraising rewarding and providing a safe ethical and fair environment for you company's employees Dessler 2 Employee Experience Culture Work Life Engagement In relation with the human resource management to an organization we can say that employee experience and their engagement has over the last ten years increased positively That being said as we all know the role human resource management has contributed to various companies and organizations by providing proper way of practices and policies to guide and protect both employees and their employers as well

The employee experience will most likely be relating to their department they get training rewards also they are also provided with a safe ethical and a fair environment to work in Thereby making employee experience working in an organization helps an employee earn more experience and also getting engaged in the organizational goals Data Tracking Turnover Performance Attendance Etc Trends in human resource management over the last ten years have significantly impacted on various organizations by increasing performance attendance and also the turnover in the company or organization According to the balance Human Resources trend that flourished though did not start in this decade is the concept of alternative forms of employee learning such as coaching and formal mentoring They hit the mainstream in this past decade As we can clearly see data must be legally and formally collected on a constant base to get the correct data of the various trends Performance Going Away From Ratings Social Performance Performance over the years has been mainly based on the employer s rating but over the past decades many employers have employed the method of evaluating by rating and also using social Medias According to article Performance appraisal and management one major change that is already evident relates to the purpose of multi source feedback Initially it tended to be used purely for development purposes and often on a one off basis but increasingly it is becoming part of the formal annual appraisal process Geake et al 1998 in their survey found that nearly half the organizations responding used it in this context Increased Need for Data and Analytics Tools With the increasing population more data and analytics tools are needed to give more accurate analysis Fortunately with the increased technology more organizations are adapting the best technological systems to provide them with very accurate data analysis in these modern times 

Five Generations In The Workplace Focus On Millennials Understanding generations in the workplace is very important to learning how to manage millennial According to the article understanding the millennial generation before understanding the importance of oncoming generational differences we first must define the generations discussed in this article A generation is a group which can be identified by year of birth age location and significant events that create their personality Guha 2010 Smola Sutton 2002 A generation can be developed by significant life events such as wars new technologies or major economic transitions These events form the personality values and expectations of that generation Hauw Vos 2010 Over the past sixty years there have been three generations dominating the workplace Baby Boomer Generation X and Millennials Kaifi Nafei Khanfar Kaifi 2012 We have five different generations in a workplace these are the traditionalist baby boomers the generation X Y and Z They all have positive impacts at the workplace depending on which one is been applied With the traditionalist they are often characterized by their work ethic and loyalty And while their staunch determination can make them slower than other generations to adapt to new habits and technology the experience they acquired over the years and their one on one interpersonal skills can prove to be valuable

The baby boomers are characterized by their confidence independence and self reliance which often challenges or tempers Traditionalist work loyalties Generation X is often described as the in between generation But this does not mean that they should be overlooked And that middle child perspective can be handy when tackling problems between older and younger generations Generation Y They will excel with technology Challenge and engage them with different projects Ideal for BIM augmented reality modular construction and IoT Generation Z The entrepreneurship and multitasking skills they get from working in the gig economy makes those ideal candidates for apprenticeships and general labor projects Their savviness with technology will also make them handy as helpers in the workplace References Heathfield S M n d 10 Trends Every HR Manager Should Be Tracking Retrieved January 15 2018 from https www thebalance com top human resources trends of the decade 1917744 Fletcher C 2001 Performance appraisal and management The developing research agenda Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology 74 473 487 Retrieved from https search proquest com contentproxy phoenix edu docview 199343619 accountid 134061 Smith T J Nichols T 2015 Understanding the millennial generation The Journal of Business Diversity 15 1 39 47 Retrieved from https search proquest com contentproxy phoenix edu docview 1728003809 accountid 35812 Rodriguez J n d Managing Five Workforce Generations in Construction Retrieved January 15 2018 from https www thebalance com managing different generations in construction 4137829

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