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The architectural engineering and construction AEC industry

Customarily the architectural engineering and construction AEC industry utilizes several project delivery methods such as design build design bid build and construction manager at risk CM R There are well documented issues with the traditional delivery methods listed above leaving the industry searching for more cost effective innovative approaches and techniques to deliver projects faster The UK construction strategy published in May 2011 called for the digital transformation of the construction industry as a result of inefficiency within the industry by mandating the implementation of information rich data on government procured projects A fundamental principle required by building information modelling BIM is the collaboration of disciplines involved in the project including architects engineers contractors and surveyors at early project stages This method of construction BIM offers a quicker and more efficient method of delivering a project Within a global context the rise in the adaptation of Building information modelling BIM is increasing at a rapid rate due to rising expenditure and investment in construction industry BusinessWiRe 2017 By April 2016 the use of building information modelling had risen by 13 in the United Kingdom according to BuildingTalk 2016 and 28 member states in the European Union have called for the adoption of BIM on publicly funded projects GEOBIM EUROPE 2015 With the advancement in technology specialization of the industry and uprise in the adaptation of collaborative approaches in recent years a new method of project delivery to improve cost schedule and quality of projects has surfaced It is arguable that the ultimate objective of implementing building information modelling BIM is the adoption of integrated project delivery IPD

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