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TWL an electronics engineering company founded by Melissa Li has grown to become a multinational organisation But for the moment there are many conflicts between the committee of engineers and the board of directors of management experts Losing faith in her ability to be a leader Melissa finds the engineers do not believe she can run TWL effectively and effectively and the board assumes they should get more power to accelerate their business In the area of organisation behaviour leadership is one of the most studied and frequently discussed topics This paper will begin by discussing what is leadership it will then argue Melissa s action and finally consider how can she bring about change in the business Leadership is the process that can influence and motivate a group to achieve organisational goals Maclean 2008 Through the various departments of interdependence the control of information the centrality in the organisation and the handling of uncertainty the leadership forms Then manager s approach can affect all aspects of the team such as productivity morale and group cohesion Managers and members promote the team together to the established goal thus forming an organic system Sun 2011 No one type fits all so various leaders have various leadership styles to suit a different kind of business 

Certainly despite the fact that the leadership styles depending on the situation the competencies to effective leadership development and assessment are increasingly common The competencies are all about pursuing behaviour in a way that is consistent with values In fact the general categories of leadership competencies relate to abilities attributes aptitudes skills and other individual characteristics Goffee 2004 What makes an effective leader includes personality self concept drive integrity leadership motivation knowledge of the business cognitive and practical intelligence and emotional intelligence McShane et al 2015 Under the circumstance whether Melissa is an effective leader is stated as follows Above all she possesses knowledge of the business As an electronic engineering PhD Melissa has above average understanding in such field which enables her to make more wise decisions In addition with emotional intelligence she found the conflict between engineers and management specialists and their different demands for development of the company

Furthermore Melissa founded the company promoted into a multinational one and realized the problem of rapid growth which are inseparable from her cognitive and practical intelligence However in terms of self concept she failed to play the transformational and managerial role then motivation did not thrive even the confidence of herself and the team was not satisfied Moreover she did not give full play to her leadership to balance engineers and directors Therefore by her performance Melissa cannot be considered an effective leader Besides earlier research mentioned four perspectives of leadership and transformational is concerned as the most popular even at present Transformational leadership refers to the lead through the leadership charisma intellectual stimulation and personalized care so that let employees aware of the importance of responsibility and mission undertaken inspire its higher level of needs allowing it to discover their potential to achieve the highest level of performance Brown 2012 As for the qualities of it four elements that clearly represent the core idea First and foremost develop and communicate a strategic vision Leaders are required to introduce or apply and support the effective vision in order to suffice the expectation of stakeholder and encourage employees Pounder 2003 

Apparently the case described that Melissa was awarded to further develop her aim to radar technology And she was respected as a worldwide pioneering engineer demonstrating her enthusiasm for radar technology Subsequently model the vision Modeling vision shows how it looks in reality Modeling is also important because it establishes trust in the leader The more consistent the leader is the more employees will believe and be glad to comply with the leading Sun 2017 Melissa not only talks about her thoughts she got the committee of engineers and her business developed rapidly which expresses her quality of walk the talk Next encourage experimentation Effective transformational leaders encourage employees to question current practices and test new approaches that may be more relevant with the future Providing a learning direction they encourage employees to constantly question the current way they work try new concepts and techniques and make reasonable mistakes as an inevitable part of the progress Copeland 2016 In the case Melissa held the meeting with engineers and directors to make further experimentation Instead she received the negative response by only yes or no Finally build commitment towards the vision Involved both workers and managers the commitment need leaders establish an attitude that can be done by making and showing consistent vision Also by encouraging experimentation leaders engage employees in the process Kest 2006 Whereas Melissa was suspicious of her ability and did not set an active attitude As a consequence most of the elements of transformational leadership are evident in Melissa s leadership at TWL 

What is more leadership cannot work without the effective employee and the effective team member can be commonly demonstrated in the FiveC model cooperating coordinating communicating comforting and conflict resolving Salas et al 2008 These aspects are not interrelated and should be used in an integrated way Facing the formidable global competition Melissa realised the business required to change as increasing severity The primary task is to resolve the conflict between engineers and directors with regard to exploring technology or expand products Through active and effective discussion both express their opinions and seek common rather than sitting silently and not giving constructive comments After that both parties perform their duties depending on the procedure and are aware of the mission of the other Thus the team can go through dependently and interdependently In conclusion while there is potential for some negative impact on TWL the positive side is as a transformational leader Melissa discovered and managed to take action for change

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