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Throughout chapters one and two there were a plethora of theories discussed The test asked us to find two theories that pertain to how we see human nature and how these theories can also be contrary to my views The theories that tie in with my beliefs of human nature are Instinct vs Learning and Aestheticism William McDougall is just one example of an early theorist who believed that instincts play an essential role in human life Aestheticism is all about finding the beauty within what you see around you Instinct is an innate typically fixed pattern of behavior I believe that you are born with instincts and that they are automatic rather than learning to have instincts as you develop The Instinct Theory of Motivation states that all organisms are born with innate biological tendencies that help them survive This believes that instincts drive all behaviors Instincts are patterns or behaviors that are not the result of learning or experience Instincts do not need to be learned in order to be displayed Birds have an innate need to build a nest or migrate in the winter This behavior occurs naturally and automatically For example many people say that women are born with maternal instincts meaning that women create bonds with their mothers as infants called a maternal bond This is something that comes natural to them when they start to have their own children or are surrounded by other infants in their life They developed these maternal instincts as an infant based off of the behaviors of their mothers McDougall believed that instincts play a central role in human life and that instincts operate in diverse behaviors such as fighting curiosity and aggressiveness 

Over time behaviorists have replaced instinct with learning Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience study or by being taught Research done by behaviorists has showed that some instinctual behaviors were also subject to learning For example you learn to be aggressive or to be a good parent So behaviorists would disagree with maternal instincts being something you are born with they believe that you learn to be a good parent by learning and observing different parenting skills Behaviorist Zing Yang Kuo demonstrated that cats killing rats could be a behavior that was learned rather than an instinct Some cats grow to be rat killers and others can grow to be afraid of rats Learning is situational You either learn to be a rat killer because it is something that you grew up seeing and experiencing or you are afraid of rats because you never learned to be a rat killer It s could also be the same with learning good parenting If you grow up in a situation where you never learned good parenting skills it will be harder for you to understand what good parenting is unless you insert yourself in situations where you can learn and understand how to be a good parent Behaviorism has stressed the importance of learning but has not banished the importance of instinct Learning stresses the importance of experience

The best way to learn is through experience Aestheticism is an intellectual and art movement supporting the emphasis of aesthetic values more than social political themes for literature fine art music and other arts Beauty applies to many other areas of thought In the Double Helix written by Watson his perspective is that aestheticism is a search for truth and beauty Physicist Paul Dirac says a theorist should prefer beautiful equations to uglier ones that yield closer agreement with experiment data There are many areas of the world that involve Aestheticism For example you can find aesthetics in architecture An architecture will sit down for hours on hours designing their projects Their entire goal is to create a space to the exact request of those who hired them When you walk into a large CEO corporation you feel different that you would walking into an art gallery Aestheticism is found all around you and it depends on the opinions of the person you are asking I find aesthetics in football To me it is an art form Football is an art form because you have a lot of different pieces with a lot of different personalities to complete one goal You have all the different pieces working together to create the picture in order for the art form to work you have to be able to work as a team you are always depending on someone else it s not a one man show 

The goal is to get to the championships and if you are missing one part of your art the entire big picture is thrown off Just like when a dancer steps on the stage to show you their performance I step on the field to show my performance In conclusion two theories that apply to the way I see human nature are Instinct Vs Learning and Aestheticism McDougall believed that instincts are essential to the central role of human life Learning comes through experience and instincts are natural or automatic Aestheticism is all about finding the beauty around you Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder Something that I will find beautiful is not something that another person would find beautiful It all depends on the person and how they see the human nature that surrounds them

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