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How do cells utilize their space and how similar is their Purpose

How do cells utilize their space and how similar is their purpose and practice related to Nature Cells are life All living beings are compromised of cells Some of them are made with a single cell while others billions There are 32 7 trillion cells in an average human body and if we lined these up they could circle the world's circumference 19 times The cell derives from Latin meaning small room It is the fundamental structural and biological unit of all known organisms Cells are often called the building blocks of life and are the smallest units of life that can replicate autonomously Cells can manipulate and multiply the space they live in Thereare a host of various cells all with different functions and purposes that work hard to maintain the health of the individual The nucleus cell controls growth reproduction and metabolism The mitochondria cell produces energy for the cell And the Endoplasmic Reticulum transports and synthesizes proteins and carbohydrates A person can manipulate shape and control the cells of any living organism even changing the function of the cells in the organisms You are able to distribute oxygen throughout the body help cells heal and amend any type of wound or ailment and aid in the prevention of disease or infection In spite of that cells can also be manipulated through mutations and mitosis 

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