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Management Sciences and or Accounting and Finance

Growing up in a business oriented household consisted of being exposed to and witnessing talks of business management be it at in house parties or out at dinners from a very young age which I believe has impacted my upbringing and passions to a great extent Along with a substantial inclination towards Business Management I also had a keen interest in the field of Accounting which I became more aware of at the age of around nine Most kids resent going to the bank with their fathers however for me it was always a source of amusement and gratification As a child I would witness my father give cash to the banker and or vice versa which would leave me to ponder about what exactly was going on This eagerness to have the know how of money and what goes behind it made me discover my true passion Belonging to a science background what piqued my interest towards the commerce side was reading various business economic related magazines that were available to me around the house I had always thought that commerce was a field based solely on the concepts of profit and revenue but I remember the day when I first indulged in an economics magazine where I found graphs of all sorts going up down or vice versa showing different trends and statistics which caught my attention and amazed me

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