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The influential role of destination image in destination branding

As discussed previously experts acknowledge the influential role of destination image in destination branding despite the shortage of a concrete conceptualisation Beerli and Martín 2004 cited in Lopes 2011 From the summary of the etymology and evolution of the term image as well as the subjectivity and ambiguity around the definition of destination image due to its multi attributes it is reasonable that the destination image formation should be treated as a holistic construct and thus viewed from multi dimensions perspectives levels Um and Crompton 1990 cited in Kozak et al 2011 From the various definitions of destination image previously discussed the image itself represents the tourist s tendency to choose or reject a given destination As such the image influences the attitude that tourists develop towards destinations which ultimately influences the buying decision process According to the latest guidelines of the World Travel Organisation for Tourism Marketing the development of the image of a tourist destination is based on the combination of two dimensions of consumers rationality and emotionality The first dimension rationality refers to the perceptual and cognitive realm As such destination image is evaluated by the attributes of its resources and attractions which motivate tourists to visit 

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