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Under Armour is an American clothing organisation that specialises in trainers and sportswear Under Armour is growing at a rapid rate when it comes to exposure and brand awareness across the world In 2008 Under Armour gained an operating income of 76 93 million dollars compared to 2016 where they gained a 417 47 operating income Statista 2017 The organisation is already major sponsors for some of the biggest sporting teams and athletes in the world For example American Football quarterback Tom Brady and Boxing Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua When it comes to Under Armour's Market Characteristics Under Armour is considered one of the biggest sporting brands in the world When it comes to the issues that the organisation has to face in their market is that they are up against two massive superpowers that have already established themselves as the biggest sporting brands of all time

With Nike making up 40 of the market share and Adidas making up 20 of the market share Hartline 2008 For Under Armour to get the best exposure through to their target demographic they must be able to get sponsorship deals with some successful and well known sporting teams and athletes especially in the NFL In support of this Scibetti 2010 Page 344 states that this was one partnership that really offers an excellent and natural fit between the property and sponsor Also most recently sport clothes aren t just being worn for the purpose of sport activities Growth in the sportswear market in the UK is being driven by a trend for sporty clothing and footwear being worn both for sports and as leisurewear Mintel 2015 With the Competition that Under Armour have to face in their market the Sport Clothing Market for Under Armour is highly fierce With other sporting organisations such as Nike and Adidas leading the way in the current market However Under Armours rapid growth has convinced the audience to move away from these top brands and start to purchase Under Armour instead In support of this Marketing Week 2016 argues that big name athletes no longer want to be associated with Nike or Adidas and prefer to align with sports brands that stand purely for performance Andy Murray for example left Adidas to sign a four year sponsorship deal with Under Armour 2

This signifies that Under Armour have already become a serious competitor in this market However Under Armour still have a long way till they are to be considered on the same level as Adidas and Nike Under Armours two biggest rivals in the sporting business is both Adidas and Nike Nike had made a profit of 25 3 billion whereas Adidas had a profit of 19 7 billion Franz Rassman 2013 With the Core Proposition Under Armour are trying to motivate their target audience through the use of authority figures and want them to aspire to be like them They try and give of this notion that those that didn t succeed first time around shouldn t give up on their sporting dream To support this Adrienne Lofton 2015 states that Under Armour is a Underdog brand He then later says We work with athletes who most people wouldn't or didn't draft in the first round or who they wouldn t traditionally give a prima ballerina title to We pick that athlete with a chip on their shoulder and their desire to win because it aligns with our own attitude 5 Under Armours Marketing Communications Paid Media One Paid Media platform that Under Armour use to promote their business through Advertising Organisations need to engage with their target demographic

To do this they must use the DRIP model Fill and Turnbull 2016 where the company must differentiate reinforce inform and persuade their audience Under Armour uses Television advertisement to engage with their audience This is an effective way to establish your brand image because it reaches to a worldwide demographic In the U S alone the average person watches up to 5 hours of TV per day and the average person spends 9 years of their life watching TV as well Statistic Brain 2017 This shows that TV is still a popular platform and deemed a positive one for businesses to use In their most recent TV advertisement Under Armour uses motivation and celebrity endorsement to help captivate the advert As seen in Figure 1 the use of Michael Phelps and the facial expression is used to connotes the hard work that he puts in the gym and how the target audience should have the same attitude as the most decorated Olympian of all time The combination of these elements in the sports advert enables the audience to picture the sports brand representation to the celebrity s reputation Annette Capel 2015 Another

Paid Media platform that Under Armour use to promote their business is through Sales Promotion Another Paid Media platform that Under Armour use to promote their business is through sponsorship Earned Media One Earned Platform that under Armour use to promote their business is through Word of Mouth WOM Owned Media Under Armour uses multiple of owned media channels that help the organisations promotion Social media platforms are used by Under Armour to get across to their target demographic For example Under Armours YouTube channel has over 150 000 subscribers and post weekly videos and adverts which gain millions of views YouTube 2017 Under armours most recent YouTube video gained over 3 6 million views in the first month of promotion The aim of the video was to motivate the audience to push their limits and to be inspired by the backstory of French Olympian Teddy Riner Under Armour for this campaign also had trended on twitter through the use of IWILL Under Armour also has multiple twitter accounts For example Under Armour Football and Under Armour Baseball

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