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Understanding Big Data An essay on What and Whys have reading newspaper heard onTVs about the amazing stories of human survival They survive in any condition they have that X Factor That keep them fighting the odds and keep them alive even in the worst case possible So are we wired to survive A lot has been written about this how we are different from other species on earth how our intellect has made us advance and has made us the greatest predator on earth We escape death we survive Even now a days scientists and doctors are working on anti ageing principles and techniques so that we can essentially prolong our stay on earth But if we dig deeper it raises a big question How are we wired to survive What is the X Factor that has made us the greatest predator There are multiple answers to this question but every answer essentially comes down to our intellect our understanding of world around us our ability to categorize things into harmful or non harmful If we see a bigger picture we will realize that this ability this X Factor is nothing but our analytical skill that has been genetically trained and wired to us through ages of experiences collected as data or better say Big Data Big data Definition Defining WhatBig data areas the name suggest the voluminous and complex data that can t be analyzed by traditional data processing applications 

They are so large in number and complexity that though they are filled with valuable information without a proper analysis system they are of no use The challenges in using big data and analyzing it for meaningful information include data capturing storage analysis visualization query privacy etc There are particularly three main dimensions of the big data Volume Variety and Velocity The Volume defines the amount of data involved Variety denotes the different types and sources of data which can be in different format and hence difficult to club together and analyze and the Velocity refers to the speed at which the new data is generated and hence the need for sufficient data storage and visualization to correctly update our information about the data Big data Usefulness Understanding WhyAs discussed we have seen that we humans as species have survived even the worst of odds due to our analytical skill trained for generations with our experiences collected in every form as Big data The same is possible for any company or organization If a company wants to be the Human of all the species it has to capture all the data possible about its business and functioning and use it judiciously to train them and get relevant and meaningful information out of it 

The big data can be used for various reasons Some of them are Increasing ValueOne of the major objective in any organization or company is to constantly increase value to the customers and stakeholders and this is one of the major factors that makes any company great Big data plays a crucial role in achieving this objective There are two key parties involved in increasing overall company value Customers and Stakeholders The Big data can help in understanding customers their needs their expectations and their purchasing power which then can be used in making informed decision about the company strategies and policy This can also help in increasing overall revenues for the company and thus will help in increasing overall value to the stakeholders Optimizing OperationsOnly change is constant This can't be truer With ever changing world it is necessary to keep optimizing and updating oneself with appropriate changes and removing the valueless processes or parts The big data helps in analyzing the whole operation and gives insights into the working of whole organization with a bigger picture This often helps in identifying obsolete or harmful operations and helps in optimizing the overall operation Here even though we have talked about big data usefulness from a company organization perspective but all these standstrue in other fields too such as healthcare sports science and research etc Big data and Information Technology Understanding HowIn previous sections we have talked about what s and whys of big data here in this section we will try to look at Big data from an information technology perspective and will try to answer the HOW of the big data Information

 Technology deals with technology involved with finding and understanding information Information Technology provides tools techniques and appropriate methodology for manipulating big data and extracting useful information out of it Also the power of big data can be leveraged through proper use of Information Technology ConclusionIn the previous sections we have talked about What s and Whys followed with a perspective from an Information Technology that helps us understand the How of the Big Data All these three combined makes a compelling case to use big data in any organization and aimed at improving the overall value creation for both customers and stakeholders These days the big data is even compared as new oil or new soil and there is lot of emphasis given on its utility It's even said that a company without the use of big data is destined to fail in long run in the same way that the other species failed in evolution to human because of complete loss of analytical skill developed by generations of experience stored as Big data Every company wants to be at top and it is Bigdata and its proper use that act as X Factor and help in taking a company to its zenith

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