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Since childhood many of us have questioned our intelligence level Some of us have wondered if we are secretly the next Einstein or if we are carrying a brilliant mind capable of inventing something spectacular According to researchers anything from talking to yourself to your eye color and pupil size can indicate something related to your intelligence level So If you have ever wondered that you are actually a genius here is a good place to start In this video we are going to show you 7 hidden clues common among all genius people Be sure to subscribe and like this video to be entered in the weekly giveaways of Amazon gift cards Be sure to comment I subscribed after Number 7 You talk to yourself Many people consider those who talk to themselves crazy Oh well they can t be any further from the truth This is just a common sign in most geniuses It is said that the most notable scientists including Einstein and Newton often talked with themselves So if someone catches you talking to yourself don't worry It probably means you are more intelligent Number 6 If you like to stay up late Staying up at nights is a good sign of high intelligence 

Studies have proven that children with higher intellect levels grew to be more nocturnal than their lesser intelligent colleagues Numerous reasons have been given to explain this fact It is interesting to note that according to researchers those who have higher IQ scores tend to work more at nights Number 5 If you re sarcastic Believe it or not studies have shown that people with a greater sense of sarcasm are indeed much smarter than the others Studies have discovered a direct relationship between sarcasm and creativity Scientists believe that being sarcastic requires quick thinking skills which is an indication of a smarter person Number 4 If you re scatterbrained It is believed that individuals who have a scatterbrain usually live a frantic life But importantly the skill to balance multiple tasks at the same time is a strong indication of high intelligence If you find yourself thinking of several ideas at once and you are not able to concentrate on the the same task don t worry This is a sign that you are willing to push your boundaries and reach greater heights in life Number 3 Eye color Many studies by scientists have proven that blue eyed individuals perform better when compared to brown eyed ones However in certain cases the opposite is also true 

According to researchers Light eyed individuals and animals tend to do better in behavioral activities which need patience and self paced instructions In comparison the dark eyed humans are better at speed and reactivity based behaviors These findings are the result of researches conducted by professors and scientists at the University of Louisville Self paced activities are those that demand a decision from the individual in a static environment such as golf throwing a ball at a target or even bowling On the other hand reactive activities are those that require a quick response to a rapidly changing situation Some examples of reactive activities are martial arts or playing baseball You never know maybe that's why Michael Jordan doesn't have blue eyes Just kidding Number 2 Pupil size People often say eyes are the window to the soul However with recent pupillometry studies that statement should be revised to eyes are the window to intelligence Georgia psychologists came up with the interesting theory that there is a direct relationship between the size of the pupil and the level of intelligence It's an established fact that the pupil size changes due to emotion and cognitive efforts From the early 1960s psychologists managed to come to the realization that pupil size is not entirely dependent upon the quantity of light entering the eye It was also a reflection of the mental functions As an example when performing a simple memory span activity the size of the pupil progressively alters with the variation in memory load

The pupil increases in size with each new object and constricts when a memory is recalled Some scientists proposed that when performing relatively easy tasks intelligent people tend to be more fast paced with an explorative aspect whereas the lesser intelligent individuals performed in the exact opposite manner The fast paced method requires less energy and quicker pupil movements which can explain why intelligent people tend to have smaller pupils Number 1 Firstborn children Being the first child in the family is a free pass to have everything first from clothes to toys However now there is another advantage to being the oldest sibling According to a research paper published in the Journal of Human Resources firstborn children are better thinkers when compared to their younger siblings as they received greater mental stimulation during their initial development phases Additionally a group of researchers at the University of Edinburgh discovered that the firstborn children score much better on IQ tests in compare to their brothers and sisters This research also showed that the first born children perform better than their younger siblings even as early as the age one This could be related to how parents treat their first born differently Thanks for watching and remember to subscribe for more videos

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