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Universality the thing many people will bring the world together in a nice bow however that is not necessarily true Many people share the same properties such as language or culture however they still cannot get along Universal language has been a topic of discussion for many years now it still is a distant goal Unaligned views on the topic impossibility to enact it without outcasting older generations and some countries unwillingness to adapt is why there should not be a universal language This idea of one commonality for the world to share is an impossible one to uphold and we need to learn and accept differences Beginning with is the divided stance people have on the topic that would continue to tarnish the possibility of commonality People s opinions really matter in situations like this where everyone has to have an agreement with one another in order for universal language to work properly In one article by Holly Holborn states If we start using a universal language we would be taking away part of our identity theodysseyonline com showing that people believe that a universal language would take away from our culture not add to it On the other side of the argument Holborn says If everyone spoke the same standard language then we would have no language barrier to prevent us from connecting with others around the world theodysseyonline com making the world more connected 

These differences would spread animosity around the world making more disputes over who to unite the world To continue on why universal language is a bad idea is the fact that the world would outcast older age groups Katerina Karavasili shows findings According to scientific surveys language aspects such as pronunciation and intonation can be acquired easier during childhood due to neuromuscular mechanisms which are only active until to the age of 12 teamcoord eu leaving older age groups struggling with the new universal language Karavasili also reports that Kids are more willing to communicate with people than adults they are curious and they are not afraid of making mistakes teamcoord eu showing that the only real effect of the initiative would affect most people who are prepubescent This would lead to more disrespect to these groups and because of lack of knowledge like the way many of the younger generations today are prejudice against older people for lack of understanding about new ideas and social norms Learning the universal language would not be impossible but it would take the time that most people are not willing to take to be all inclusive To overview this would lead to sectional divides between age groups that are comparatively small today

To finish on is that some countries are unwilling to adapt to socially accepted practices today and there would be no reason to adapt a new language Jennifer Rankin from The Guardian reported A Russian law that bans gay propaganda encourages homophobia and discrimination theguardian com showing that the Russian government does not care about acceptable practices demonstrating that if a universal language was adopted it wouldn t have to be acceptable in some countries To build upon Hollie McKay reported for fox news about North Korea s concentration camps saying something up to 120 000 North Koreans and three Americans regularly experience in the country s concentration camps according to defectors and analysts foxnews com showing that North Korea also does not follow social norms These two instances portray the inability or lack of interest in change some countries have and making the point that even if something such as a universal language was established it wouldn t be fully universal due to countries unwillingness to change their behavior 

This would also lead to more conflict due to the fact if a universal language was passed many people would see the resistance of change as a statement of anarchy because of the nonrecognition of set rules Ending with the thought that universal language would bring more harm than good in the current world A universal language would create a bigger ageism problem continue to divide people through thoughts on the subject and some places in the world are unwilling to adapt and making something universal wouldn t be accomplished without every country willing to participate Humans are a fickle species and the thought of one overarching stance to bring the world to a more peaceful place is hopeful but would not come to fruition Beliefs like this have come and gone but many people do not realize that there are some universal communications in effect like facial expressions and emoticons albeit not as formal or in depth as language however they do not need to be replaced in order for universal communications to work One day there will be a time where language doesn t matter so for now just celebrate our differences rather than form one commonality

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