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The Challenger On January 28 1986 millions of viewers gathered Around

The Challenger On January 28 1986 millions of viewers gathered around the television as they anticipated the lift off of the Challenger s tenth flight Yet the life changing day that Americans had been so eager to watch transformed into a catastrophic event that millions would watch as the disaster unveiled on live television The Challenger Explosion is infamously known as the horrific astronomical disaster that undeniably shocked the nation The disastrous failure that shook the nation was not only a devastation that saddened the people but it was also the turning point that would forever influence NASA and other astronomical organization programs Howell The Challenger Explosion sparked not only outcries from the public for an increase of safety procedure especially for astronauts but also for higher precaution with calculations Despite the devastating outcome of the Challenger Explosion the memorable event still has its benefits as it brought awareness and vital attention to the flight safeties The space shuttle Challenger also known as STA 099 was prominent in NASA s or The National Aeronautics and Space Administration history as it had been successful in reaching outer space nine times prior to 1986 Howell In fact it was NASA's second space shuttle to enter service and had also embarked its maiden voyage on April 4 1983 History com This particular space shuttle was intentionally built to be a test vehicle that had passed at least 11 months of testing by 1979 NASA would then make the Challenger an official spaceship Howell Preceding the accident the Challenger did have its memorable moments Howell

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