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When I discovered an interest in Writing

It is difficult for me to remember when I discovered an interest in writing which at first I considered as a boring work requiring people to spend brunch of time in front of table to only organize monotonic words Before becoming a writer I should first explain how does reading the method people utilized to share their experience illusions or perspectives through writing with others attract me until today The first book I have ever read was a fairy tale book which consisted of both pictures and words It was The Little Match Girl written by Han Christian Andersen describing the story of a little match seller who was froze to death on Christmas Eve At that age of six I had never heard about tragedy before and realized the importance that I should value today s life My thought was first influenced through reading and certainly I started to recognize that whatever others write about even only a fairy tale that had not real happened it would at least share their own points with others less or more However the moment that I really fell in love with reading was when I read the 

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