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A customer satisfaction index is a snapshot at a Point

Chapter I The Problem and Its Setting Background of the study A customer satisfaction index is a snapshot at a point in time People's views change continuously and the performance of companies in delivering customer satisfaction is also changing Service satisfaction is a function of consumers experience and reactions to a provider s behaviour during the service encounter it is a function of the service setting It has been the business priority in all country to serve the customers to achieve the goal of customer satisfaction Quality especially nowadays come in handy with business It brings the better performance of the business that may let the business survive for a long time Globally some business can t satisfy the customers and it had become the biggest problem of most food businesses In the Philippines most business had become the value of achieving the satisfied rate they need Most reviews in the services in the country ended up with customers being satisfied Unfortunately in the Philippines customer satisfaction is also a challenge among Filipino business owners Regardless of these challenges Philippines is still aiming to satisfy their customer In Samal Island specifically in University of Mindanao PeƱaplata College most students want to be satisfied by the services offered of the canteen In this study we investigated if students really are satisfied with the services offered by the school canteen

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