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The Benefits of Dieting Before entering into the Debate

The Benefits of Dieting Before entering into the debate about whether or not diets are beneficial to the individuals who undertake them it is important to first understand what is meant by the term Although the word began as a term to describe that which a person or animal generally eats it is also commonly used to describe the restriction or prescription of these foods Oxford Dictionaries By conforming to a planned diet in this sense a person may be aiming to lose weight gain weight achieve a healthier physical balance or be required to do so for medical reasons As it is indisputably beneficial to diet for exceptional medical reasons or conditions this aspect of dieting will be largely excluded from this essay In order to explore the benefits of dieting this essay will first look at the health benefits of dietary restriction and balance and conversely the dangers associated with being seriously overweight Further the essay will then examine the impact of dieting on individuals quality of life especially with regards to potential alternative methods of weight loss and will then discuss the psychological impact of dieting and the dangers involved 

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