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The Weimar constitution was ineffective since the Weimar Constitution

Ineffective constitution The Weimar constitution was ineffective since the Weimar Constitution did not create a strong government A great example is Article 48 of the constitution which gave the president absolute power to make immediate decisions in times of emergency without the agreements or having a discussions with the Reichstag However Article 48 later backfired on the Weimar Constitution since in Article 48 it was not specified what an emergency was later being used by Adolf Hitler to take power legally without the need specify the crisis or emergency Another example of the Weimar constitution failing to create a effective and strong government is when the army led by the right wing General Hans von Seeckt failed in supporting the government during the Kapp Putsch or known as the crisis of 1923 due to the fact that they were not fully under the government's control Another issue was that many government officials and judges were right wing which meant that they wanted to destroy the government This was shown after the Kapp Putsch where around 700 rebels were put on trial for treason but ended with only 1 going to prison Also shown after the Munich Putsch when Adolf Hitler who was the organised of the Munich Putsch went to prison for only 9 months Proportional representation or the system of proportional voting which was practiced by the Weimar Constitution was to vote for a party instead of voting for a member of parliament Each party took place in the Reichstag exactly proportional to the number of people who voted for it this sounded fair on paper however when it was actually applied it lead to a disaster of having numerous tiny parties up to 28 parties This meant that none of the party was strong enough to get a majority virtually impossible to determine a majority in the Reichstag 

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