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A lot of major elements took place during the nineteenth Century

A lot of major elements took place during the nineteenth century the British burned the White House the War of 1812 and even the Civil War took place later on in the century However at the very beginning of the nineteenth century a series of major conflicts were construed across many nations due to backlash from the French Revolution These conflicts were known as the Napoleonic wars The man behind most of the bloodshed was Napoleon Bonaparte a strategic and ruthless war general and emperor who led his French armies into battle against unthinkable odds and came out victorious There were an array of nations some major ones being Great Britain Russia and Sweden would come together to form Coalitions Five major Coalitions were formed from 1805 1815 to face off against Napoleon and his army The War of the Third Coalition began in 1805 The Coalition consisted of the United Kingdom Russia Austria and Sweden Napoleon was considering a full on invasion of Great Britain To achieve this Napoleon had to take over the British fleet which was pretty close to impossible given the fact that the British fleet was the strongest naval power at the time with immense naval superiority Instead Napoleon planned to distract the fleet and gathered 180 000 troops and settled them in Boulogne In the end this plan failed and instead he took his troops to Ulm where he surrounded the Austrians and crushed them

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