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BitTorrent Protocol BT is a P2P protocol

2 Background 2 1 BitTorrent Protocol BT is a P2P protocol for large scale content distribution over the Internet 7 In a BitTorrent network the data will be separated to several segments in a non-sequential manner in information propagation 7 Each peer can get segments of the data from other peers and concatenates them in an integrated file Also each peer in the network will provides other peers data segments in its local storage There are two types of peers in a BitTorrent network one is leeches the other is seeds Technically leeches are the clients seeds are the original distribution server Leeches can download resources from seeds and also can upload the segments of resources they have Seeds can only upload their resources to the clients leeches 7 A modified BitTorrent protocol can be used in P2P multimedia streaming network 7 2 2 Bitcoin Network and Block chain Technologies Bitcoin network is a P2P electronic cash system 3 Bitcoin is the first truly decentralized global currency system 8 Like a traditional cash system Bitcoin system also has ledger to record the transactions But not like a traditional cash system that the ledger is in the control of the authority ex a bank in Bitcoin system each user has their own copy of the ledger 3

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