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The passage of the Patriot Act

The passage of the Patriot Act ushered in a new phase of the debate of what is more important liberty or security It is well known that Benjamin Franklin once wrote Those who would trade liberty for temporary security deserve neither The quick growth of technology across the world has led to new security concerns as the potential threats to global and national security have risen during the past four decades and exponentially since the 9 11 attacks and the government has responded by increasing security measures that many believe to be too extreme in counteracting terror The Transportation Security Administration for example has never caught a terrorist despite being a massive inconvenience to travelers The NSA widely believed to be spying on American citizens was created to collect data on millions of Americans and better organize the government response to threats of terrorism With technological changes the discussion of liberty and security will continue to change and new issues will be brought to the forefront of the public mind This paper will analyze the major ways in which the discussion is changing and how the creation of the Department of Homeland Security will continue to shape it The National Security Agency was created in 1952 however it was the passage of the Patriot Act that allowed the NSA to dramatically increase its spying capability 

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