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LOTF Argumentative Essay Simon's Loss of Innocence Rodger

LOTF Argumentative Essay Simon's Loss of Innocence Rodger a young boy with a ruthless heart influenced by others to murder an innocent boy Lord of the Flies a novel written by William Golding where a group of young boys from the U K land on an abandoned island where they are forced to work together to survive One of these boys Rodger is a boy influenced by an evil leader Jack to hurt and kill at all costs resulting in innocent Piggy s death Most boys on the island are forced to do things they never wanted to do as young boys Rodger is a perfect example of one of them Rodger started out as a good school boy and through his experiences and his evil heart he was brought to losing his innocence and committing acts of violence Through Rodger William Golding demonstrates how innocence is easily lost Innocence is easily lost through experience When the boys first came to the island they were only but innocent school boys unprepared for the evils that would soon haunt them and because of Rodger s exposure to acts of violence and hurt from Jack Rodger made Ralph weep for the end of innocence the darkness of a man s heart and the fall through the air of the true wise friend called Piggy 150 Jack influenced Roger to kill Piggy because Rodger watched as Jack manipulated other boys and broke Ralph s rules making Rodger believe it was okay for him to commit these acts as well Roger s unforgivable actions take away his innocence and leave him with an unforgiving heart 

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