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United States was emerging from a recent Recession

The economy was starting to rise and the steel industry was also exceeding some of the nation's largest steel companies raising steel prices by 3 5 percent President John F Kennedy was a strong believer of stable prices and wages and due to the rise in steel prices President Kennedy held a conference on April 11 1962 criticizing some of the largest steel companies for their escalation in steel prices In order to convince these major steel manufacturers to reduce the cost of steel in John F Kennedy s news conference President Kennedy incorporates the use of repetitive effective anaphora s coherent diction and bold clear cut periodic sentences Throughout the course of Kennedy s news conference he incorporates several operative anaphora s deliberately showing repetitive phrases These anaphora s utilized throughout the course of Kennedy's speech emphasizes the magnitude of the effects that the increase of prices of steel would have on the United States It specifically states in paragraph 3 of Kennedy's speech that If this rise in the cost of steel is imitated by the rest of the industry instead of rescinded it would increase the cost of homes autos appliances and most other items for every American family 

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