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In the novel The Catcher in the Rye

In the novel The Catcher in the Rye the vice of smoking is commonly portrayed throughout the entire story The protagonist Holden Caulfield often uses smoking as a form of escape from conflicts he came across or used smoking to help him deal with stress and to settle his nerves He tends to rely on smoking for plenty of situations that he is put into and majority of the time he does not even notice that he is smoking Holden claims that he barely smokes cigarettes but in reality he smokes like a chimney He is addicted to the nicotine that is in the tobacco of cigarettes This is still a problem in today's society with teenagers such as Holden that smoke because they do not realize how unhealthy smoking may be as well as how damaging it actually is Although teenagers do not smoke cigarettes as much as Holden did in his time due to its lack of popularity smoking marijuana is the newest trend for this generation Smoking is an important issue that still affects teenagers today Firstly marijuana also known as cannabis weed and pot along with plenty of other names is a dark green gray mixture of dried flowers of the Cannabis Sativa Marijuana can be smoked in plenty of different ways It can be hand rolled as a cigarette also called a joint in pipes water pipes vaporizers or in blunts marijuana rolled in cigar wraps It can also be used to brew tea but in that particular situation marijuana is used for medicinal purposes It is also frequently mixed into foods such as cookies brownies and candies There are stronger forms of marijuana for instance sinsemilla and concentrated resins containing high doses of the drug s active ingredients including waxy budder and honeylike hash oil 

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Under Armour is an American clothing Organisation

Under Armour is an American clothing organisation that specialises in trainers and sportswear Under Armour is growing at a rapid rate when it comes to exposure and brand awareness across the world In 2008 Under Armour gained an operating income of 76 93 million dollars compared to 2016 where they gained a 417 47 operating income Statista 2017 The organisation is already major sponsors for some of the biggest sporting teams and athletes in the world For example American Football quarterback Tom Brady and Boxing Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua When it comes to Under Armour's Market Characteristics Under Armour is considered one of the biggest sporting brands in the world When it comes to the issues that the organisation has to face in their market is that they are up against two massive superpowers that have already established themselves as the biggest sporting brands of all time

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