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Technical University of Munich in Nutrition and Biomedicine Master’s Degree Application

With the escalating cost of medications not falling ill is the best chance of survival for most People in Bangladesh And if they would be unfortunate enough the cure should be readily Available to them This philosophy of health care system has essentially motivated me to Pursue a research career in exploring the promising health benefits of functional foods and nutraceuticals Over the past few years Nutraceuticals sales have seen a tremendous growth in Bangladesh but it does not have a single research laboratory that is actively isolating and screening Pharmacologically active novel compounds from these food sources Likewise little research is undertaken to test the claimed activity or to optimize the therapeutic value of existing nutraceuticals available in the market A Master’s degree from the Technical University of Munich in Nutrition and Biomedicine will be the stepping stone to enrich me with the knowledge skill sets and credentials begin a paradigm shift in the field of vital usage and importance of Nutraceuticals as a preventive therapy for a wide range of chronic diseases including diabetes obesity and vascular dysfunction etc After completion of my Master s Degree and furthermore completing a PhD I intend to return to Bangladesh and establish a laboratory for evaluation of existing Nutraceuticals and for identification of various active constituents in the marketed functional foods During my undergrad I studied a diversity of courses which gave me in depth knowledge about the distinguishing aspects of health and related aspects I learned about the distinctive biomolecules and their prominent roles in human body especially in the course biochemistry

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