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Reporting on public policy really Matters

To begin with I would like to empathize that the articles cited in this assignment cover important topics related to public policy and social issues Reporting on public policy really matters as it helps to analyze actions of government which has the crucial influence on a society therefore on us Public Policy consists of political decisions for implementing programs to achieve societal goals Malone 2010 Guided by the acquired knowledge I will try to understand the essence of this quotation and identify on the basis of articles the aspects of the public policy their goals and characteristics Trump Slaps Sleep Tariffs on Foreign Washing Machines and Solar Products The policy discussed in this article is connected to the new step made by Mr Trump concerning the imports of foreign products to the United States especially washing machines and solar energy cells and panels The article says about the critique towards the president's protectionist policy which he tries to strengthen and develop Example Trans Pacific Partnership TTP abandoned in 2016 The goal of the policy is to protect manufacturers in the United States and to decrease the amount of cheap products from China and South Korea Arguments supporting the policy implementation come from the statements of different American Companies Two solar companies as Suniva Inc and SolarWorldAmericas appealed to the White House telling that cheap solar modules and cells are putting their companies under risk Arguments against the policy are this action will exacerbate trade tensions with other nations and it can rise up the prices for consumers 

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