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echnology Can you imagine life without It

We are constantly using our gadgets without even thinking about it Need to clean some clothing Throw em in the washer Want to eat last night's leftovers Reheat it in the microwave You can literally find out who the 23rd president was by one tap or simply asking Siri google Alexa who was the 23rd president And receive your answer in less than 30 seconds It shapes the way we learn communicate travel shop and does most of our manual labor We rely on technology in about every aspect of our life it's humanity is all purpose tool There is no question that it has enhanced the world today the question however is in what ways has technology improved the world and how can we continue to use it to our advantage Technology supports everything rotary stands for specifically economic stability building goodwill and improving lives in our community and around the world According to Rewire org a recent study involving more than a million patents issued over the last one hundred years shows that not only do technological advancements have a powerful impact on the community it actually expands the community For example researchers from Stanford university MIT and Northwestern University along with many more measured how much a company's stock price was affected by technology The stock price of the company shot up dramatically The top ten most innovative companies grew between 1 and 3 percent faster in the following five years compared to companies which advance at an average rate In fact the companies that advanced at the average rate slowed down by as much as 2 5 percentage points A boom in technological products correlates to a boost of the U S economic output by between 0 6 and 6 5 percentage points 

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