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William Golding's Lord of the Flies Review

In William Golding's Lord of the Flies young boys are stuck on an island without any adults Ralph Jack Simon and Piggy are some of the boys trapped on the island Ralph is the leader of the boys Jack is the head hunter Simon the pure boy and Piggy is the lazy fat child These boys are the perfect example that savagery creeps in as the rules of society are forgotten In the beginning the fear of never being rescued drives the boys to establish a democracy with rules Jack Merridew agrees with the idea that We ll have rules Golding 33 The fear of not being rescued allows the boys to come together and quickly have an election to decide who shall be chief The two candidates Ralph and Jack run for chief with Ralph being elected as chief In order to placate his fellow competitor Ralph appoints Jack as chief hunter with the condition that his hunters will watch over the fire Jack happily accepts these terms begins to work hard Jack forgetting the condition that he is to watch over the fire goes out hunts while the fire goes out After a ship passes Ralph becomes infuriated confronts Jack Jack justifies his actions by telling Ralph about the rush he feels while he is hunting if you re hunting sometimes you catch yourself feeling as if Golding 53

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