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An action Potential was Generated the amplitude Value was Between

Q8 Comment briefly on the amplitude of the action potentials generated in these experiments Within all the experiments when an action potential was generated the amplitude value was between 102 109 mV the values were fairly close in value for most stimulus strength even with the stimulus strength and duration changing This is an element of all or nothing principle The most obtained amplitude value was 106mv for most stimulus duration and strength displaying that action potentials are not graded Higher amplitude was produced for higher stimulus duration for each stimulus strength The frequency of the action potential is determined by the intensity of the stimulus As the intensity of the stimulus increased a greater number of action potentials were achieved The repetition of the action potential is occurs during the relative refractory period Graded potentials in comparison to action potentials last longer and are much larger The factors that can affect the frequency of the action potentials are the facts if during the relative refractory period a graded potential is much more powerful than the threshold at resting it will generate additional action potential and if it last a longer period than the relative refractory period this will also generate an action potential Q9 From Graph 1 describe the effect of increasing stimulus strength on the latency of the action potential

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CRM functions to automate a Business Process

All the manual tasks that accomplish a business process needs to be automated to avoid data entry errors and finish the tasks in time This project shows in detail about how CRM functions to automate a business process for increasing sales and productivity With the use of best project management techniques that are available the author shows how this project was executed with all the stages mentioned and elaborated Problem Statement Configuring products and creation of quotes manually was slow and caused errors Usage of cross platforms to obtain the data for generating quotes was expensive As a result the sales representatives were inefficient to generate the best quote that fit the needs of the customer Larger waiting times lead to poor customer feedback Nature and Significance of the Problem While generating a quote for a product or services the sales representatives must calculate the price book and then generate a quote manually When an issue arises from the customer s side and that needs a technical assistance the sales representatives will have to assist them through phone or email Even though the sales reps were busy with other administrative duties they had to deal with these tickets cases at the same time generating quotes manually The reps were ineffective to produce quotes in time to the customers

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