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CRITERIA The increasing rate of global climate Change

CRITERIA The increasing rate of global climate change seen in this century and predicted to accelerate into the next will significantly impact the Earth's oceans In this review we examine previously published seagrass research through a lens of global climate change in order to consider the potential effects on the world s seagrasses A primary effect of increased global temperature on seagrasses will be the alteration of growth rates and other physiological functions of the plants themselves The distribution of seagrasses will shift as a result of increased temperature stress and changes in the patterns of sexual reproduction Indirect temperature effects may include plant community changes as a result of increased eutrophication and changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events The direct effects of sea level rise on the coastal oceans will be to increase water depths change tidal variation both mean tide level and tidal prism alter water movement and increase seawater intrusion into estuaries and rivers A major impact of all these changes on seagrasses and tidal freshwater plants will be a redistribution of existing habitats 

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Medicine is the inseparable part of our everyday Life

Medicine is the inseparable part of our everyday life It helps us to fully enjoy life Please write an essay of no more than 5 300 characters with spaces on the following prompt How have your experiences contributed to your decision to pursue a career in healthcare I started my college degree in analytical economics in Belarus about 10 years ago At the same time I was working as an accountant assistant I was needed to pause my education due to move to the United States I decided to try myself in more human related professions legal assistant and tax preparer Even that I was good with numbers and documents it was not what I feel I belong too My journey to healthcare career started with the meeting of Dr Dmitriy Pales DO and shadowing at his office He also had students who did rotations I was lucky not only observe typical day of a doctor his interaction with patients and stuff in the office but also to be a witness of his discussions with students about possible diagnoses and treatment I was amazed how Dr Pales was able to extract really important facts from a huge amount of irrelevant information that people told him Huge impact into my career decision made my husband Dr Slava Steve Belits DC DPT Helping him at his office and observing his everyday aid to people enhanced my decision that I want and the most important that I can also help people with their health Chiropractic showed me a new view on healthcare and treatment of different illnesses

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