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Operation Mincemeat was a 1943 WWII deception Operation

Operation Mincemeat was a 1943 WWII deception operation that was part of the larger Operation Barclay which was intended to conceal Operation Husky The Allied invasion of Sicily planned for July 1943 It involved planting the dead body of a fictitious British officer off the south coast of Spain Attached to the wrist of this man would be a briefcase containing documents about an Allied invasion of Greece Ewen Montagu and Charles Cholmondeley were the men responsible for planning and executing this operation They used the body of a dead tramp Glyndwr Michael and turned him into the fictional Major William Martin of the Royal Marines Montagu and Cholmondeley created William down to every last detail wallet litter a worn uniform documents written by actual senior officials and more By April 19th 1943 the body was bound for Spain via a submarine from Scotland Soon after William was fished out of the ocean by a Spanish fisherman and taken to a morgue in Huelva Spain Adolf Caluss a German spy living in Huelva at the time initially tried to get hold of the documents however it was Karl Erich Kuhlenthal who eventually managed it Meanwhile Montagu and Cholmondeley were continuously surveilling German SIGINT to see if Mincemeat was working and it was Kuhlenthal had taken photos of the documents and was on his way to Berlin where German intelligence would examine the authenticity and pass it up the chain of command Hitler was ultimately convinced which prompted him to take action by moving reinforcements to Greece Subsequently on the morning of July 10th 1943 the Allies successfully invaded Sicily with less casualties and losses than expected 

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The NRA is a true grass roots organization and the collective Power

The NRA is a true grass roots organization and the collective power of its membership is simply unparalleled This quote from Senator Thom Tillis shows the power and influence that the National Rifle Association has in America The NRA founded in 1871 is a special interest group that advocates for American citizens gun rights The NRA In the last 50 years the NRA has been focusing their efforts on political issues and creating coalitions with important political figures Also since 1975 the NRA has been influencing legislation about gun control and gun rights Musa Due to this the NRA has become one of three most prominent and persuasive lobbying groups in Washington D C The NRA has roots in all of the systems of governments due to there large power and influence The NRA primary issue that they deal with is gun rights They oppose any legislation that creates more gun control and goes against the second bill of rights Recently they have been dealing with issues such as ammunition background checks and the classification of assault weapons In general the NRA is adamant in ensuring that any laws legislation against guns is stopped They repeatedly lobby supporting the idea that guns make the country safer They can be this successful because they have around close to 5 million supporters after the Sandy Hook shooting 

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