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To even begin the basic understanding of Death

What is death To even begin the basic understanding of death in our society opens a box of questions and uncertainty Unless one is faced with an incurable illness the idea that death does not cross our mind too often Death in America is a conversation left for the dead and not the living It's as if discussing its reason or meaning will bring it closer to our lives and the thought of it can only mean something negative While conversations of death were more in fashion centuries ago today it's saved for funerals or when something tragic happens in current events Why the shift in conversation Death is one of life s few certainties Everyone will eventually die and all individuals with loved ones will ultimately become widowed Although death is universal the nature of death and dying has transformed greatly throughout history and these fluctuations have significant consequences for how people think feel and act Before the 20th century deaths usually happened in childhood or young adulthood due mainly to transmittable illnesses catastrophes or violence The circumstances of death have loosened intensely over the previous two centuries In the 19th century death was usually more visible As mentioned Death tended to occur at a moderately early age 

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Researcher will use Quantitative Approach as Research Design

CHAPTER 3 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 3 1 Research Design In this study the researcher will use quantitative approach as research design According to Creswell 2012 quantitative approach is used if research problem need to be identified based on why the need to explain something is required Simple correlation research is used since the purpose of this study is to find the correlation between two variables and those two variables are Role Playing Game RPG and students reading comprehension 3 2 Population and Sample 3 2 1 Population According to Creswell 2012 population is the whole subject of research that has same characteristics The totals of population in this study are 60 they are the second grade of SMAN 1 Muara Jawa 3 2 2 Sample Probability sampling and stratified sampling are used in this study To find the individuals from total population probability sampling is required And to divide the total population and specific characteristics stratified sampling is used Cresswell 2012 3 3 Instrument The instrument of the research that used by the researcher are Playstation Vita with Role Playing Games RPG titled World of Final Fantasy installed inside it written test questionnaire and documentation to collect the data A PlayStation Vita PlayStation Vita is a handheld video game console that can be used anywhere just like the mobile phone the researcher choose this device because the participants can play the Role Playing Game RPG that given by the researcher anywhere B Role Playing Game RPG World of Final Fantasy World of Final Fantasy is a role playing game genre released by Square Enix in 2016 the researcher choose this video games title because it has rating E Everyone and it can be played by everyone

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