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No it's Not Your Opinion You're Just Wrong

No it s Not Your Opinion You're Just Wrong I am a very argumentative and stubborn person and I have always felt confident in the things which I debate about as well as the manner in which I do it however after reading this passage I was exposed to the truth about my misplaced arguments The author of No It s Not Your Opinion You re Just Wrong UPDATED explains how too often we allow our opinions or biased thoughts on a subject to sway our understanding of what a fact actually is In the passage many examples of invalid and misplaced opinions based on false facts and personal beliefs are shown and clearly support the author s thesis that opinions can be wrong The author of No It s Not Your Opinion You re Just Wrong UPDATED states that believes like the belief that vaccines cause autism does not move your misconception into the realm of valid opinion thus expressing the fact that opinions can be wrong when based off of incorrect facts or data Many times we don t realize that the things we think we know are actually just misguided opinions that make us sound like ignorant and oblivious individuals in the face of those whom are educated and the author flawlessly expresses his discontent at those who truly believe that autism can be caused by the very vaccines which prevent diseases Although we are constantly told that our opinions can never be wrong and will always be accepted basing those opinions off of wrong information will leave you humiliated as you realize that your knowledge of credible data is nothing but an illusion caused by your need to defend your opinion Perhaps one of the most logical ways in which the author of the passage explains himself is when talking about how people believe that whites face as much discrimination as people of color even though that out of the

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