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As the name implies ASO is all about the Practice

As the name implies ASO is all about the practice of optimizing the app's visibility in the app stores by making sure the app meets app store s high ranking criteria The higher the app ranking on the app store the more distinguishable it is to the potential clients Also ASO requires an understanding of the target of the consumer base and one of them is including the keywords that the potential client is going to use to search about apps they're interested on Here are some steps that will improve the ASO Let's start with a descriptive title It's not just about the identity of the app but it's important to use keywords to describe the core functionality of the app so the users are very clear on what they re downloading We use keywords in the title to improve our app ranking in the app store and try to keep everything in under 50 characters and try to mention unique values the provided benefits of the app in the first three lines so that visitors can catch them easily from the description preview Using keywords wisely 

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