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It is known that children start life with greater Vulnerability

As this statistic confirm it well Canadien children are among the unhappiest When children view their life satisfaction the ranking drops to 24 out of 29 countries and 25 out of 29 in the league table of children relationship with parents and peers These statistics represent millions of children whose lives are ruin each day by problems we know how to solve As part of the student council I ve got the opportunity to witness the struggle of the student daily life as in breakfast committee which many seeked breakfast support because there didn t eat at home Along with Discussion about aboriginal origin student who required extra assistance because of the particular reason to miss school We also discuss putting aside money for those with a disability Further we had a meeting about those who pursue financial aid to afford school supply and programme and classes As well as a conflict about discrimination to new immigrant and talk about youth desire to have more opportunity for the voice to behear Proving how much children welfare must be taken more seriously because the struggle is real In 1991 Canada ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child binding our country under international law It provides a framework for governments to give priority to the best interests of children in all decisions to translate children s Convention rights into law and to treat children as a partner in developing policies transforming them Following that a basic quality of life should be the right of all children instead of a privilege enjoyed by a few Unfortunately Canada refuses to adopt some of the UNC Law marked a broken promise made to the most vulnerable in our society 

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