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No character does this better than Ed Kennedy

I am the messenger by Marcus Zusak includes many characters that embody the main idea of struggling to find your own identity but in my opinion no character does this better than Ed Kennedy Ed is a 19 year old cab driver who has went through his whole life as an underachiever and had absolutely no idea who he was or who he wanted to be Ed was the character in I am the messenger that no one would want to be like he was broke lived in a shack wasn t good with women and was constantly reminded that he wasn t doing as well as his other siblings But one thing Ed was is that he was very honest with himself Ed s character made sure he told us all of this information at the beginning of the novel In Ed s journey of trying to find out who he is the reader also gets to know Ed better from an emotional standpoint his thought process where the way he acts may stem from and how he deals with these situations that he encounters throughout the novel Despite all of the negatives previously stated about Ed Kennedy one thing that I got from him is that he is very honest with himself and is emotionally stable Throughout the novel you get the sense that Ed isn t the type of person who likes to skew information in order to make himself look better that in fact he really wants the reader to know him for who he is His character gives us all the information about his background and who he is as a person in the first chapter of the book he also is very open about his love for one of the other main characters Audrey From these previous examples you get the idea that Ed Kennedy is a very rational character and that he is good at admitting his faults 

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