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Cancer is a very complicated and diverse Disease

Cancer is a very complicated and diverse disease making it a very difficult illnesses to treat There are many types of cancer each different and unique In order to effectively treat any disease one must first understand how it works In a healthy body as cells grow old or become damaged they die and new healthy cells take their place However when cancer develops this process is dangerously altered Instead of the old defective cells dying off they continue to live These mutated cells continue to reproduce passing on their altered DNA and new cells aren't made to replace them These clusters of extra cells can form solid masses of tissue called tumors Cancers of the blood however generally do not create solid tumors as in the cause of leukemia What makes cancer so difficult to treat is the fact that each cell is different Cancer cells are heterogeneous even within the same tumor makes it all that much more difficult What this means is that you can get 5 different types of cells that have become cancerous multiplying within the same tumor all with different mutations

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