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According to Victor Turner the conception of community exists whenever there is a feeling of community spirit The belief here entails the feeling of great solidarity social equity and togetherness since it is these that make people experience liminality together Indeed THIS IS a relevant aspect that can be used to describe the modality of life that we experience today especially in the American culture In the American society just like any other community there are social positions that everyone needs to occupy Consequently everybody always gets scared about these positions of the society yet the scary component is a very significant aspect of any rite of passage since it fosters a transient form of humility The American Culture of Prom The history of Prom dates back to the 19th century The pioneer of Proms in America was the Leeds Universities who held the events to gift the graduating students By the 1940 s the emerging teens adopted the culture and up to date the culture is now a rite of passage for graduating high school students 

The event is an all night extravaganza which ends with the crowning of the prom queen and king The rite if the passage has over time evolved with regards to style and perfection and today even the Lesbian and Gay couples are free to attend proms Solomon Arielle In America within the 21st century there is a culture and tradition rite that American colleges have adopted since memorial The high school finalists who are due to graduate often attend junior proms Like any rite of passage it is often comprised of unique dressing styles one which may entail dressing styles like bowties and a variety of suits for gentlemen while the girls often mimic fairy tale characters The Prom is one unique rite which piles pressure on the junior students to have the urge to experience the cheesiness and emotional attachment that accompany the nice clad that is always popular with the expression of the D day The time frame for the event often starts from late in the evening and it may often proceed up to the dawn Crosley Sloane One fact that makes the ritual to be unique is that it is a one in a lifetime event before the teens who range from 17 to 18 enter their full maturity before joining College Prom is one event that is accompanied by pictures that display a mixture of naivetes and maturity It is the transition that marks the end of the late phases of teen age The celebration event is always colored by the splendid art of elaborate pageant dressing style amazing handbags nicely done hair well groomed gentleman and cool music that makes the background frenzy One may summarize the prom night as the museum retrospective for the artist Solomon Arielle The culture for the prom rite is same for both American public and private schools 

As a cultural norm the students often select their mates and there is the significance of the person selected or the one taken to the prom The rite of passage is one event that enhances photographic evidence that acts as a reminiscence tool for the cohorts graduating At an ordinary dance time most prom couples hold one another with tight grips as if it were their dear life Crosley Sloane Factors worth Noting about the Prom American prom culture is trendy among the adolescent Americans and the rise of social media has taken it to higher levels Prom culture gets highlighted by the amazing beauty pageants Consequently expenditure is one thing that one can never ignore while discussing the rite of prom American girls spend heftily on expensive dresses and shoes The girls also splash the cash on a professional hairstyle for an event that only lasts for a night Annually American statistics record that girls spend up to 7 billion dollars on the yearly make up for the prom alone An ordinary family spends an approximate thousand dollars for a prom Solomon Arielle Besides the expenditure the competition takes loads of time to prepare Months ahead of the Prom girls can form online pages on social networks just to ensure that each one of them stays unique with regards to the attires they wear during the prom night Just having the same dress can lead to long heated and minor fights The pages can also determine who comes out as the best dressed for the prom It is obvious that the culture of American feminine beauty and power get displayed at this early stage Kasperkevic Jana Conclusively the last aspect of the prom night is the proposals about the prom mates Most girls never reject proposals during this time even if they are not interested in their mates The main reason for teens to go to the prom as mates is to make the tango dance complete Indeed Prom is one rite of passage that makes teenagers mature Conclusion Prom is a romanticized rite that marks the end of high school life and it welcomes the young adults into another level of life altogether college life The various positive lessons about the past values of American society alongside the new American cultures are the values that promote the sense of belonging towards America's dream as a unique nation

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