Essay Example on Violet Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire sneak into the trunk of Count Olaf’s car








Violet Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire sneak into the trunk of Count Olaf's car without his or his group s knowledge Olaf arrives at the Caligari Carnival and leaves to find Madame Lulu a fortune teller so he can know where the Baudelaire children are Violet uses her skills as an inventor to unlock the trunk from the inside Ch 2 Count Olaf and his troupe make their way inside Madame Lulu s caravan at the carnival and Olaf asks where the Baudelaire children and Snicket file are however Lulu needs money and doesn't feel comfortable about spending all her remaining money on food and wine for Olaf and his troupe Violet decides that they should disguise themselves as freaks for the house of freaks because Madame Lulu who wanted more freaks so Violet and Klaus disguised themselves as a two headed person and Sunny as a bearded baby They knocked on the door and introduced themselves to Madame Lulu Ch 3 Madame Lulu hires Violet Klaus and Sunny to be freaks and they meet the other freaks including Hugo the Hunchback Kevin the Ambidextrous and Collette the Contortionist One of Olaf s lackeys burst into the freak room to tell them that one of the Baudelaire parents are still alive Olaf barges in and tells the freaks their acts for the show soon Ch 4

The Hook Man puts on the freak show while each freak did their special task Violet and Klaus ate corn Sunny growled like a wolf Hugo put on a coat Collette contorted herself and Kevin used both his hands Count Olaf arrived back at the carnival with lions on the trailer of his car Ch 5 Olaf tells the crowd that each day instead of a freak show they will be feeding a freak to the hungry lions Olaf was planning on just having the lions do tricks but then he decided to feed freaks to them because the people would like it more The three Baudelaire children get their first look at the fortune telling tent and notice it has an eye on it just like the eye Count Olaf has on his left ankle Ch 6 The Baudelaire kids snuck into the fortune telling tent and figure out the way Madame Lulu pretends to tell fortunes They found out that she was a fraud and she used newspaper articles to tell information used for fortunes They started to go through all the papers and then Madame Lulu s crystal ball fell off the table and shattered on the floor Ch 7 Madame Lulu walked into the tent and scolded the children for what they did Then the Baudelaire children confronted Lulu as she started to cry 

The Baudelaires undressed themselves and showed Olivia who they really were for her answers Olivia made a promise saying that she wouldn't tell Olaf the children were there if they took her to the last VFD HQ Ch 8 Esme walked into the freak tent and offered the freaks a chance to work for Count Olaf's troupe instead of being eaten by lions in the freak show Esme asked whichever freak that is chosen for the lions to throw Madame Lulu into the pit and persuaded them to join by giving all the freaks a gift All the freaks except the Baudelaires agreed to join Olaf and his troupe Ch 9 The Baudelaire kids left the tent and started preparing the roller coaster carts for their travel to the Mortmain mountains Olaf yelled that the show was about to start before Violet was able to see Olivia to finish the machine to get them away from the carnival Ch 10 Olaf opened the paper very slowly to build suspense and the name on the paper said Beverly and Elliot which was Violet and Klaus s disguised name Madame Lulu offered to take the children to the lion pit and she gave Violet the fan belt she needed to make the carts work Lulu was actually going to feed them to the pit but Klaus delayed it until the whole crowd tried pushing someone into the lion pit Ch 11 Klaus and Violet used crowd mania and bought themselves time before they were thrown to the lions 

Eventually the entire crowd joined in and tried to push the freaks and anyone else into the pit because of the mania the Baudelaires escaped from the lion pit and went to the Fortune Telling tent Madame Lulu was devoured by the lions along with a man from Olaf's troupe and a few other watchers Ch 12 The fan belt was lost in the middle of the craziness and they had no idea how they were supposed escape the carnival They went inside the tent and saw a map of the Mortmain Mountains which would help them possibly find their parents As they looked over the map they say Valley of Four Drafts or VFD as they assumed this was where the last HQ of the VFD was located Count Olaf and Esme walked into the tent saw the map and knew that it was where the last Baudelaire parent would be located if they were alive Olaf then gave Klaus a blowtorch and asked him to burn down the tent like Olaf did the rest of the tents Olaf confronted Klaus and Violet over walkie talkie and said that Olivia told him that they were the Baudelaires Ch 13 Kevin took a knife and destroyed the knot that kept Violet and Klaus attached to Olaf s car

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