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Classroom management is an important Component

Classroom management is an important component of a student's educational experience and it impacts a teacher's professional satisfaction A conducive classroom environment however is not always the norm Teachers often times complain about students who did not submit their home assignment and projects talking and chatting with friends during class and disrespecting classmates and teachers To achieve a better or best solution to attain educational goals teachers should set classroom management strategies coupled with attainable programs Teachers should devise an attractive daily lesson plans based on the approved curricular offering devise action plans to ensure that students will stay focus on their lessons throughout the period ensure active class participation in every aspect of the learning process and see to it that each student does not lose interest on their daily routine activities Teachers have been found to be the most important factor influencing students performance and the front liners in teaching and learning process This study will focus on the classroom management of science teachers which may influence students performance in classroom situations including classroom design environment students and teachers relationships strategies of classroom management classroom aids and equipment management of students 

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