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Great Britain has been standing alone against the newly expanded Germany

Since June of 1940 Great Britain has been standing alone against the newly expanded Germany They have been putting up quite a fight despite being continuously bombed by German planes and Prime Minister Winston Churchill believes that with American aid the British will be able to defeat Germany once and for all Nonetheless the general populace believes that the United States should be kept out of war at all costs The desire of the public above all is the reason that America should refuse Great Britain's request for supplies American culture during the 1920s and throughout the 1930s was one of isolation The American people have retreated within themselves and hidden from the rest of the world Because of this deeply ingrained distrust of war and those who make money off of war the American people are opposed to getting involved in the latest European conflict During the election of 1940 FDR preached not sending your boys to foreign wars which is what got him easily reelected It is the leaning of the general public at this time to avoid war and all involvement in it Many Americans especially those in the midwest feel disconnected from Europe and the war both because of the Atlantic Ocean serving as a natural barrier and because of conflicting beliefs Refusing Great Britain s request for aid would both keep Roosevelt's promise and appease the people Isolationism has thus far kept America safe and most people would refuse to fight or help make supplies for a foreign war due to this belief Not only is it in America s best interests to stay out of the war but maintaining the trust of the public would be the best and most critical move that President Roosevelt could make at this time 

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