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We were set a project in which we had to be in groups of Five

Group Formation We were set a project in which we had to be in groups of five This was our first assessment at the time therefore everyone introduce himself herself to others We all agreed on a team leader and exchanged numbers so we can communicate with each other easily about the project Everyone shared their ideas on the project so we had a clear understanding and a brief view of it Organization of Work The first step we took was to organise the work so we can complete the task on time Every team member was given a role in which they took responsibility to do and we would have a group meeting if anyone needed help This helped everyone in the group have a brief view of all the work we had to be done This made our group communication very strong which helped to build confidence in the group Managing the group To have a good group with the basis of being effective and consistent The management of the team must be in professional manner and agreed upon as various decisions would be made during the project process Therefore we all should be treated fairly and respectfully Contribution Everyone's ideas were heard during the planning process We would think about many ideas and come to a conclusion on one final idea after we plan it in detail this helped us dramatically throughout the process Leadership 

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