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For the past seventy years doping has been a large Issue

For the past seventy years doping has been a large issue in the world of competitive sports Performance enhancing drugs cause drastic changes to an athletes performance improving the athletes ability to perform beyond their typical capabilities The popularity of PED s have increased so dramatically within recent times that there are organizations dedicated to preventing doping in sports These organizations go to vast measures in order to ensure that athletes are not cheating in order to gain an advantage on other players This action has not stopped athletes from cheating with the use of PED s but only encouraged them to turn to sneaky ways of hiding the fact that they are in fact taking PEDS Performance enhancing drugs have a great appeal to athletes since they allow the athlete to push their quality of performance further in a fast and easy way Despite the appealing benefits that these PEDS give to an athlete the use of these drugs are highly frowned upon in the sporting world due to its unfair nature of cheating your way to winning It is thought by many that doping in sports began not that long ago while it in fact began as far back as 776 BC 393 BC during the original Olympic Games in ancient Greece 

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Question: How can modern gaming educate and hone skills?

Technology Research Question How can modern gaming educate and hone skills Why Video Games Can Be Educational by You Free Essays why video games can be educational by you Summary The author of this article claims that video games do more good than harm He or she states that video games can improve hand eye coordination and self esteem The author mentioned that there can possibly be some downside to playing video games One major problem includes social isolation where a person would rather play by him or herself S he stated that there are many games that include killing weapons kicking shooting and stabbing The author informed that parents often view video games a time waster and that it also portrays violence S he also stated that video influence player to use a higher leveling of thinking in order to solve or win the game Evaluation This source is not all that useful simply because this article focus is a bit more on the downside of playing video games than the benefits This article is also short and does not show much evidence of why videogames are bad or good However it did state why gaming can be educational for players This article is usable it's just that I would not recommend using it for researching RILKOFF M 2010 Oct 28 Gaming brings its own rich rewards FAMOUS GAMING CHARACTERS GAMING FUTURE GAMING THE DARK SIDE Timaru HeraldRetrieved from https search proquest com docview 791170829 accountid 37330 Summary Rilkoff in the article stated that young adults are better off on the path of becoming a videogame designer rather than being an actor or actress He claimed that being a professional player can also pay a large amount of money for top players with great skills Rilkoff informed that at the end of the article a few cases of people dying what involved addiction to video games In one case a teenager killed his mother and injured his father because he was banned from his Xbox Evaluation This article is not great for going against my research question 

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