Essay Example on Voltage Stability of 11 kV Feeder by using Thyristor Control Series Compensator








Voltage Stability of 11 kV Feeder by using Thyristor Control Series Compensator TCSC ABSTRACT In the industry real and the reactive powers are governed by the voltage magnitude and the difference of angle at the ends of transmission lines Power transfer in the industry is constrained by the voltage stability and the power stability To stabilize the voltage for the requirement of industry it has always been a challenge demand to increase the power transmission capacity There has been always an issue of voltage stabilization in the power system industry This is mainly due to the high variation of the load Conventionally the voltage stabilization of the industry can be controlled by using the capacitor bank The capacitor bank helps in improving the power factor and voltage will become stable The main disadvantage of this method is that the capacitor is the fixed solution that is calculated and installed for the fixed or full load The issue of the voltage stabilization can also resolved by using the FACTS Flexible AC Transmission System devices Flexible AC Transmission System devices are the solid state devices that are used for the transmission of the AC power

These devices greatly improve power transfer capacity Following are different types of FACTS devices STATCOM SVC TCSC UPFC In this work we use the FACTS device Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor TCSC TCSC is the FACTS device which is basically a combination of the thyristor controlled reactor TCR and the capacitor bank connected in the parallel With the TCSC the capacitive reactance will be smoothly controlled over a wide range It is more effective and economical method for voltage stabilization The whole work that is the installation of the TCSC in the power system will be done in the MATLAB Problem Statement In power industry it is very important to keep the power quality as per specification i e voltage level and power factor but due to power losses sometimes it is difficult to maintain Voltage Stability Conventionally a capacitor bank Synchronous condenser and phase shifting transformers are used for Voltage Stability purpose but all these methods are very inefficient that gives the poor performance In Power system Voltage stabilization and Power Factor is of prime importance but practically these both parameters i e Voltage Stability and Power Factor are greatly affected by the no s of following realities a Heavy load b Inductive load c Great load variations d Motor starting affects e Switching affects So there has been always a requirement or demand in a power system to stabilize the voltage level and to improve the power factor Conventionally we use capacitor banks LTC transformer and condenser but these devices have their own limitations Currently old methods or technology is used in grid stations for voltage stabilization and power factor improvement that is very inefficient

Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator TCSC is a modern technique to overcome this problem TCSC is a one of the FACTS Flexible AC transmission System devices TCSC is a simple in operation and very low in cost as compared to the other FACTS devices Thyristors are only turned off when current crosses the zero points Once the capacitor is inserted into the line then in the half cycle it will charged from zero to maximum and will be discharge from maximum to zero value of the line current Objective Study of existing 11 kV feeder setup and targeted the area that has the gap for improvement Simulation of the selected feeder in Simulink To use a combination of TCR and a capacitor for the selected feeder to smoothly control the capacitive reactance over a wide range To improve the Voltage Stability and Power Factor by implementing TCSC technique to the selected feeder TCSC is a device which can control apparent reactance of the transmission line in different steps and will be used for voltage stability

Enhancement in voltage at various buses reduction in system power loss improvement in power factor and power flow To achieve faster and automatic control with the incorporation of TCSC Simulation results study for the selected feeder after applying TCSC to showing its effectiveness for voltage stability Implementation of the whole work in MATLAB Methodology The proposed work is implemented with a planned approach I started the task with the study of existing feeder setup and targeted the area that has the gap for improvement I want to apply TCSC on one of its feeder TSSC is a device which can control apparent reactance of the transmission line in different steps it can also work along with Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor Most of the load is inductive and varies with different times of the day and night and has great variation with different sessions of the year So it is clear that a fixed capacitor bank is not more effective for this situation So I will apply a TCSC on a Feeder to improve voltage stabilization and to reduce technical losses I will stimulate the feeder in MATLAB and then will apply the TCSC

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