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Stage of the strategic sourcing Process

STRATEGIC SOURCING FEDEX 1 What are the key elements that must be completed at each stage of the strategic sourcing process 2 How does the governance structure for supply chain management at Federal Express support the strategic sourcing process Linking the SCM support to strategic sourcing process at FedEx Improving the purchasing process with respect to effectiveness or efficiency requires strong sourcing tactics FedEx Supply Chain Management is aimed to leverage the process of souring for all the FedEx family of companies to ease up the processes Center Led Sourcing Process With FedEx re organizing and grouping its services IT Equipment Aircraft and supply chain logistics under the strategic source and supply group has led to Center Led initiative or Center Led Supply Chain management sourcing model We believe that this model houses and focuses on centralizing sourcing strategies Each players in this process has clear role and their responsibilities will not overlap This model facilitated in integration of Ariba Buyer further expanding its use to other operating firms and to process requisitions within a supply chain SCM team have an online data for contracts on submission the requisition is put forward for an approval 

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